About us

Upaya has attracted the interest and support of executives at leading health centers. With their blessing and guidance, Upaya has been able to develop highly precise production cycles in our compliant CBD facility, leading to uniformly reliable products.
Our Team
Our Chief Formulator has over 30 years of experience in extraction and holistic plant medicine and our Chief Cultivator has over 20 years’ experience developing ecological farming and optimal soil management for cannabis plants. Our Clinical Lead is an experienced physician executive in clinical operations of large hospital systems. He led a $300 million fundraising and hospital transformation project for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, where he served as CEO for 14 years.
Upaya is on a mission to transform the world of medicine. Upaya believes that plant medicine, combined with a comprehensive wellness approach of eating healthy, can provide an optimal, natural form of holistic wellbeing through premium quality CBD products. We strive to empower people to live their best lives.
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