Maximize Your Well-being

We assist with helping our customers overcome
the effects of inflammation

Experience the latest in Nanoparticle Research & Product Development

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I’m Dr. Kini and I’m the CEO and a Founder of Upaya Health. Upaya is the culmination of my 25+ years’ experience as a Physician and Healthcare Administrator taking care of people just like you every day…

Maximum Bioavailability through Nanotechnology

With our proprietary Nanotechnology you can expect your body to absorb the Power of Plants.
Up to 10 times more than the average supplement.

By Benefit

Energy & Focus

The Upaya Difference

Concentration, Purity, Bioavailability

Harnessing Plant Science

Our Patented Process

Research & Development

In keeping with our mission of pioneering the use of plant medicine to bring holistic wellbeing,
Upaya is embarking on an R&D program to fully understand, validate, and
maximize the benefits of hemp-derived products…

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