Our CEO – Dr. Narendra Kini

"I’m Dr. Kini and I’m the CEO and a Founder of Upaya Health. Upaya is the culmination of my 25+ years’ experience as a Physician and Healthcare Administrator taking care of people just like you every day.

Along with hemp legalization spreading across the US in 2018, the exploding opioid crisis, incidence of sleep issues and modern-day stresses causing anxiety in the general population, many patients came to me asking questions about cannabinoids as alternatives to their current medications. It was precisely these modern-day systemic crises and questions that prompted me to begin learning about the benefits of natural cannabinoids such as those found in the Hemp plant.

Unlike the prevailing sentiment at present, I became convinced that the benefits of cannabinoid rich products had long been ignored. Thus, Upaya was born!

Since 2020, I along with Upaya’s talent rich team have been developing consumer Health & Wellness products backed by our patented in-house Research & Development team. Thanks to all of the patience, rigorous certifications, patenting of our core IP, and product testing with my family and friends, Upaya is now ready for you and yours.

It is my mission to produce the highest-quality full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp products that are tested, consistent, trustworthy, pure, and available to everyone in highly bioavailable form factors. We look forward to becoming your trusted brand of CBD rich hemp."
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