Harnessing Plant Science

The Upaya Difference
Led by our Chief Cultivator, Upaya curates extracts from hemp farms in Oregon and New York where we actively manage the mineralization of the soil. This is a key element of CBD quality, as the extract is only as good as the raw material from which it is extracted. Upaya linked farmers (Upaya’s partner network of farmers) carefully plant preselected seedlings that have been screened for genetic superiority. These raw materials are cultivated without chemicals or pesticides. All our ingredients are natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced.
Plant medicines are only as good as the plants from which they are extracted. Upaya utilizes extract from organic hemp flowers as our raw material, rather than hemp biomass, which contains the entire hemp plant, including stems and leaves. Our extraction process uses only natural substances. Water- and organic alcohol-based techniques, and those performed in a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction plant are radically different from the harsh chemical-based techniques more commonly used. Upaya’s approach differs in that, while undesirable components are removed equally well, the delicate compounds that create the effect that CBD is known for are fully preserved.
Processing and formulation at Upaya take place under the watchful eye of our Chief Formulator. This is where the “tech” side of our biotech expertise comes to the fore. The proprietary technology behind our Genesis Engine System was developed to guarantee an ultra-premium extract containing a full-spectrum combination of pure cannabinoids, natural extracts and minerals for optimal efficacy. That means that every Upaya product retains the integrity of each of its individual components from mother earth to final pack.
Why Testing is Important
The elaboration of Upaya products takes place in accordance with strict FDA industry guidelines. Each one of our CBD products is independently lab tested for quality and potency.
End Product
Upaya’s product quality is second to none. We could go on about our proprietary algorithm, vortex vacuum sublimization, or unique production ecosystem. What matters to our customers, though, is the knowledge that they hold in their hands the very best CBD product available.
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